Early Childhood Coalition of Hays County

This Scorecard represents the top layer of a body of Results-Based Accountability work conducted by the Early Childhood Coalition of Hays County (ECCHC) to improve outcomes for children ages 0-5 in Hays County. The work has been facilitated by Clear Impact on behalf of support provided by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Division of Prevention and Early Intervention.

The purpose is for ECCHC partners to develop a common framework to better understand their aligned contributions and impacts for how children are doing relative to two broad results, which are defined as end conditions of well-being. The two results are identifiable by the green R icon to their left. "All Hays County Children are Physically and Mentally Healthy" is the first result shared by the ECCHC partners.

The ECCHC partners determined a set of indicators for each result, identifiable by the yellow I icon to their left. An indicator is a population-level metric that quantifies the progress in reaching a result. "% of Women Receiving Prenatal Care in the First Trimester" is the first indicator for the first result, "All Hays County Children are Physically and Mentally Healthy". The partners then engage in a data-driven decision making process with the headline indicators. They assessed trendline data for the headline indicators, identified factors contributing to and restricting their behavior, and identified additional partners and potential solutions to enhance or address the factors. These narrative sections can be viewed by clicking the + sign next to the indicator and opening the gray narrative sections titled "About the Data", "Story Behind the Curve", "Partners", and "Solutions".

For the headline indicators, ECCHC partners are undertaking an additional set of steps by mapping out their respective programs and performance measures. (These can be viewed on separate pages specific to each headline indicator). The objective is to illustrate the aligned impact of ECCHC partners. This Scorecard is part of a DFPS-PEI pilot that offers a template for how early childhood coalitions can better understand how their resources are leveraged to deliver heightened impact for broad populations.

Scorecard Result Program Indicator Performance Measure Action Actual Value Target Value Tag S R I P PM A m/d/yy m/d/yyyy