Local Care Team Administration (Frederick County) Annual

Better off: % of new youth referred for in-state residential placement who are alternatively served through community-based services (Annual)

33.3%FY 2020

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Story Behind the Curve

FY19 - in addition to seeing a large increase in referrals in FY19 overall, some of the cases being referred for in-state placement have needs beyond the scope of the resources in Frederick County to address those needs, thus in-state placement is the appropriate course of action.

  • DJS
  • DDA
  • DORS
  • DSS
  • FCHD
  • Frederick County LMB
  • FCPS
  • Maryland Health Management Agency
  • MCF
  • Mental Health Association
  • Potomac Case Management
  • Way Station
What Works
  • strong partnerships with community services
  • robust process of evaluation and referral options for LCT reviews
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