New Horizons (Frederick County FY18 and beyond - Annual)

Better Off: % of unaccompanied high school youth on track to graduate on time (or graduate on time) - (Annual)

69%FY 2019

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Story Behind the Curve


  • The percentage of enrolled youth on track to graduate or graduate on time trended downward for FY19 compared to FY18.
  • Some of the challenges that contributed to the downward trend included students who experienced significant mental health problems that lead to poor attendance and/or missed class assignments, and several students strugged with learning disabilities.


•    Data is heading in the right direction. 
•    Newly implemented program had a slower start as NH staff worked on relationship building with school personnel. 
•    This population has poor attendance which can hinder progress. 


•    Frederick County Public Schools
•    Mental Health Association of Frederick County
•    Spanish Speaking Communities of Maryland
•    Frederick County Health Department; 
•    Lion's Club
•    Seton Center

What Works



•    NH staff cultivating and maintaining close, supportive relationships with staff. 
•    FCPS providing of e-school data that assisted New Horizons staff with the ability to know school performance, behavior and attendance records, 
•    NH staff making recommendations and adjustments per enrolled youth accordingly to improve school success.  
•    Connecting students with necessary health (mental and physical) supports. 

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