New Horizons (Frederick County FY18 and beyond - Annual)

How Much: # of unaccompanied high school youth connected to community resources - (Annual)

38FY 2020

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Story Behind the Curve


  • There was a significant decrease in the number of referrals made to community services and employment programs during FY19 compared to FY18. The decrease in referrals is a result of the New Horizons staff meeting many of the needs of homeless students through internal supports and connections instead of through referrals.  In addition, students returning from the FY18 school year did not require as much service connection (or still had an active referral/connection) in FY19 as they may have had in the previous year.  
Data Discussion

Count of referrals made for youth to services/programs - from internal records.

Scorecard Result Program Indicator Performance Measure Action Actual Value Target Value Tag S R I P PM A m/d/yy m/d/yyyy