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Read While You Wait

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100%October 2017

What Works

Comments from the barbers:

The kids really love the books.

There was a grandmother at the barbershop reading to her grandchildren. Also, a grown man sat in their barbershop and read the entire book about black baseball players while he was there.

The kids really like the variety of books available to them.

One barber believes that some kind of trinket or a snack should be given to children as a reward for reading a book.

One suggests holiday themed books delivered during certain holidays.

One of the barbers is enjoying reading one of his childhood favorite comic books that was just delivered to his barbershop.

Barbers are helping to promote Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.

One reports fewer kids coming to his shop (March 2017).

I like that the youth have books to read while they are waiting for a haircut.

The kids are enjoying having books available for them to read.

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