LBS - Improving Māori Input into Local Board Decision-Making

% of Mana Whenua members surveyed who say they vote in Central and Local Government elections


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Story Behind the Curve

This performance measure is about the opinion of those registered as Mana Whenua members, and not just that of the Mana Whenua representatives.

What's helping:

  • Presence of Maori party
  • Presence of Mana party
  • Active Maori advocates
  • Active Maori Issues
    • Sovereignty (Treaty of Waitangi)
    • Water rights/ quality issues
    • Political parties
  • Internal networks within Maori – when they see a Maori candidate, they see all the other Maori behind them. Word of mouth. One face represents thousands.
    • Unique selling point for Maori

Barriers: What's getting in the way

  • Maori not responsive to Pakeha paradigm
  • Relationship needs to be a genuine one not a token one (tokenism)
  • Disconnect with community – lack of sense identity in Auckland
  • Rural to urban – assimilation system
  • Challenges faced by Maori in promoting themselves due to the way they are perceived by others

Thoughts for improvement:

  • Relationship needs to be a genuine one not a token one (tokenism)
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