LBS - Improving Māori Input into Local Board Decision-Making

% Local Board workshops held where Mana Whenua are formally represented


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Story Behind the Curve

The main purpose of this measure is about gauging the level of engagement happening or opportunities for partnership. It was accepted by the group that there would be a number of hui that Mana Whenua would not attend where the Local Boards wished to hold a closed forum.

The trend for this measure indicates that things have been getting better a little bit each year but there is room for improvement.

The group believed that

  • Maori awareness has grown with more settlements being sorted
  • Te Waka Angamua being formed
  • The growing awareness of Maori culture
  • Local Board working individually with Mana Whenua and taking more direct channels to do so
  • Growing relationships between Mana Whenua and Local Board and having the right person connecting Mana Whenua with Local Board representative
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