LBS - Improving Māori Input into Local Board Decision-Making

% of Local Board members surveyed who are satisfied with their engagement with Mana Whenua representatives


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Story Behind the Curve

This performance measure is about the opinion of individual Local Board members.

In 2013 Te Waka Angamua had very little involvement with Local Board

Barriers What's getting in the way:

  • Bureaucracy may disrupt, Mana Whenua prefer to work with Local Board directly and face to face – do not need someone to speak for them
  • Waka Angamua not representative of Mana Whenua
  • Levels of formality – the ability to delegate council’s discretion to form committees
  • Local Board cannot appoint to formal committees but they can for the informal ones – it’s the elected members only that can attend formal. Would require legislative change, as it is the legislation that controls that
  • Local Board can write submissions
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