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Everyone is able to prevent diabetes or better self-manage their diabetes.

Everyone in Buncombe County is able to eat healthy, be active and better manage disease

Everyone is able to eat healthy, be active, and better manage disease.

Diabetes Mortality Disparity Ratio between African American adults and White adults in Buncombe


Data Description & Source

Description: Ratio of African American diabetes mortality compared to White diabetes mortality (the higher the number, the wider the disparity between the two groups).

Example: (2010) rate (age adjusted per 100,000) of African American diabetes mortality = 29.4 and White diabetes mortality = 11.3

Calculate ratio by dividing African American diabetes prevalence by White diabetes prevalence ( 29.4/11.3 = 2.6). Meaning African Americans with diabetes die from the disease at 2.6 times the rate of White residents with diabetes.

Source: NC State Center for Health Statistics, County Health Data Book, Mortality section. The report is labeled, "Race/Ethnicity-specific Age-adjusted Death Rates." Updated annually.

NOTE: This is a calculated measure to look more closely at the RACIAL DISPARITY data in diabetes-related deaths. For information about diabetes mortality, including the Story Behind the Curve, What Works, etc., please see the "Diabetes Mortality Rate" indicator.

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