Residents of Swain County are Healthy, Active and Thriving


Chronic Disease and the related result "Residents of Swain County are healthy, active, and thriving" are aligned with the following Healthy NC 2020 Focus Areas/ Objectives

  • Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Chronic Disease
Experience & Importance

How would we experience residents of Swain County being healthy, active and thriving in our community?

Swain County would be healthier and happier byway of increased physical activity and positive nutritional intake, reducing obesity, chronic disease and food insecurity. According to community listening sessions, community members would experience the following if this result were true: 

  • Increase physical activity
  • More outdoor activity 
  • Increase life span
  • Increase healthy food options
  • Discount for farm to table in restaurants 
  • Decrease clinical access as a result of reduced chronic disease
  • Hear about chronic disease 
  • Smell less cigarette smoke
  • Hear more people communicating about healthy options 
  • Increase activity with primary care physicians 


What information led to the selection of this health issue and related result?

The Community Wellness Action Team processed the community health assessment data in September and October of 2018 across several meetings. The Community Wellness Action Team was provided information about the relevance, impact, and fesibility around obesity and chronic disease, specifically looking at obesity, chronic disease, and food insecurity. The community members in attendance then unanimously voted to move forward with the chronic disease priority as a result of evaluating the primary and secondary community health data. 

Known risk factors (Healthy People 2020 website) for this issue are as follows: 

  • Built-in Environment
  • Socioeconomic Status
  • Educational Attainment 
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