P007: Developmental Disabilities Supports Division

What We Do
The Developmental Disabilities Supports Division (DDSD) effectively administers a system of person-centered community supports and services that promotes positive outcomes for all stakeholders.
Who We Serve

DDSD is the primary state agency that funds community services and supports for people with disabilities and their families in New Mexico.

How We Impact

DDSD's primary focus is on assisting individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in exercising their right to make choices, grow and contribute to their community.


FY18 OPERATING BUDGET: $159,443,800

  • General Funds: $146,264,200
  • Other Transfers: $8,760,400
  • Federal Funds: $2,819,200
  • Other State Funds: $1,600,000

In FY18, some of DDSD's accomplishments included:

  • Community Programs Bureau:
    • Community Programs Bureau representatives presented at the New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC) 2018 Statewide Summit on Advocacy and the Parents Reaching Out Annual New Mexico Family Leadership Conference on the revised Developmental Disabilities Waiver Service Standards.
    • The Rate Study Evaluation Committee reviewed proposals and selected a vendor to complete the 2018-2019 comprehensive rate study for the Developmental Disabilities, Mi Via, and Medically Fragile Waivers.
    • Mi Via Unit is fully staffed with three new Mi Via Coordinators and a new Mi Via Program Manager.
    • The public comment period for the Mi Via proposed rule change closed June 29th.
    • Newly designed Mi Via website completed, will be in operation effective July 2018.
  • Intake & Eligibility Bureau:
    • The Central Registry Unit conducted seven allocation fairs in preparation for the FY19 allocation group of 80 individuals. Of those individuals, 39% have selected the Mi Via Waiver and 61% have selected traditional DD Waiver. By the end of the quarter, 35% of the individuals completed medical and financial eligibility through HSD.
    • The unit also processed 419 new registrations for waiver services and determined 156 applications matched the definition of development disability, thus adding them to the waiting list. Three hundred thirty-nine applications were closed due to not matching the developmentally disabled definition or for not completing the application process.
  • The Pre-Admission Screen and Resident Review (PASRR) Unit received and processed 367 Level I Identification Screens, which allows for individuals with intellectual disability, mental illness, or a related condition to be appropriately admitted to Medicaid Certified Nursing Facilities.
  • In March, the Developmental Disabilities Waiver standards were revised. New language was added about Person-Centered Thinking, Person-Centered Planning, and Person-Centered Practice. Language was also clarified to explain how to arrive at and document the process of making an informed choice about employment and decisions about other life areas.  Each team member plays a role in promoting employment and reducing barriers.
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