Tenancy Sustaining Service Bundle

What We Do

The Tenancy Sustaining Service Bundle is a key component of services offered through Housing Resource Centers (HRCs). HRCs are the places in Alameda County where the major activities of the Coordinated Entry System happen. Coordinated Entry is a standardized method to connect people experiencing homelessness to the resources available in a community. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires that every community operate a Coordinated Entry System that assesses and prioritizes people experiencing homelessness for programs and assistance within the region dedicated to meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness.



Tenancy sustaining services include:

  • Identification and intervention for behaviors that may jeopardize housing;
  • coaching on relationships with landlords; dispute resolution assistance;
  • advocating and linking to eviction-prevention community resources;
  • assistance with housing recertification; updating housing support and crisis response plans;
  • support in household management skills; and
  • providing support and education related to the psychological and practical transition into housing - addressing the change of ‘home’ and familiar location, the potential for isolation, how to pay bills, manage visitors and relationships, etc.

Services are offered using housing-first evidence-based practices, and should support individuals to maintain housing and ensure they have the necessary tools to integrate into their communities, focusing on the core values of health, home, purpose, and community. In addition, Housing Care Managers will work closely with regional health care partners linked with these clients to meet their ongoing health care needs.


Who We Serve

Individuals in permanent supportive housing for less than 24 months including Shelter Plus Care, MHSA, and other permanent supportive housing projects can be enrolled in tenancy sustaining services to ensure housing stability if necessary.  

How We Impact

900 clients will be enrolled in tenancy sustaining services through June 2020, as well as connecting 85% of AC Care Connect clients to health homes.

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