AC Care Connect Enrollment

What We Do

In order to be enrolled in AC Care Connect, a client must have utilized at least one discrete or bundle service, including:

  • Bundle Services
    • Housing Transition or Housing Navigation: intensive case management for clients who are homeless and need assistance getting linked to resources for permanent supportive housing and other housing options
    • Skilled Nursing Facility Transition: intensive case management support for clients transitioning from skilled nursing facilities to connect with stable housing
    • Tenancy Sustaining: intensive case management support for clients who have stable housing but need coaching, tools, resources, and assistance maintaining their current housing situation
    • Care Management: intensive case management support for clients with complex medical needs who may benefit from support addressing social determinants of health
  • Additional Services
    • Housing Education
    • Housing Legal Services
    • Care Coordination across the Alameda County care system
Who We Serve

AC Care Connect is designed to focus on patients with the highest medical, behavioral health, social and housing needs. In order to be eligible for AC Care Connect services, a client must be actively enrolled in Medi-Cal and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Experienced homelessness in the prior 24 months
  • Met frequent user criteria in at least 2 crisis systems
  • Enrolled in a comprehensive case management program
How We Impact

We work with our consumers and partners to more closely integrate and coordinate services including health care plans, hospitals, primary care providers, crisis partners, housing providers, local housing authorities, and Alameda County agencies such as: Behavioral Health Care Services, the Public Health Department, Social Services Agency, Housing and Community Development, and Probation. 

Performance Measures
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