Strategy 2.2: Provide quality and engaging out-of-school opportunities for elementary students that reinforce and enhance academic & social/emotional learning

What We Do

UWCI believes that focusing on quality after-school programming can impact the success of students academically. Research does state that after-school programs can impact a student academically if they comprise the following qualities: quality of program and staff, regular attendance in the program, and literacy programming. For years, UWCI has required that all after-school programs track quality either by having a national quality measure of by using the Youth Program Quality Assessment and continuously trying to improve this quality annually, tracking the credentials of staff who are working in the program, and also tracking consistent attendance in the after-school program at a 60% attendance rate. This past year our focus has been on increasing the literacy programming offered in United Way funded and non-funded after-school programs. We have invested in offering technical assistance in literacy to all programs over the past year. We are using Literacy Coaches that are working with the staff in these programs to improve literacy activities that are being offered in the programs.

Who We Serve

Students in Polk, Dallas, and Warren counties with particular focus on low-income students in schools and neighborhoods.

How We Impact

By supporting programs serving students in after-school programs we believe that students are in a safe environment, being supported by other adults, getting some academic programming that can help to extend the school day and to support the learning that takes place while the student is in school. We also hope to impact the parents of these students to educate on the importance of school attendance and academic success. By offering the technical assistance through the Literacy Coaches we are hoping to improve the literacy of students in the program and ultimately improving academic success of the students.

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