Strategy 2.1: Provide supportive services for at-risk early grade students and families that promote learning & reduce absence

What We Do

These programs offer case management to students who are struggling in school and to assist the family on how to improve academic success. When students are identified as being at-risk case management is offered. Most of the programs have to work with the families who are really struggling to survive before they can focus on the student success. The case managers spend a lot of time providing resources and supports to the families.

Who We Serve

Students who live in Polk, Dallas, and Warren counties. This program mainly focuses on students who have been identified as at-risk academically.

How We Impact

UWCI believes that some families have so many issues and are just surviving and because of this thinking they are not able to support their child's educational success. UWCI believes that impacting student success in school will be more successful if we are able to help families with the multiple issues they are experiencing such as: stable affordable housing, access to food, workforce development, etc. It is believed that if families are financial stable that they can then focus on their child's academic success.

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