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What Is It?

Tuesdays to Thrive was identified by the Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Action Team as a program that, when combined with other actions in our community, has a reasonable chance of making a difference in physical activity levels as well as weight status in our community. Tuesdays to Thrive is a monthly health and wellness series that features timely health topics through a whole-body approach. This strategy, though not evidence-based, has been implemented in Jackson County since 2014 with great success and participation.

The audience for this strategy is the community at large. This strategy aims to make a difference at the individual level-- increasing knowledge and influence on individual attitudes and beliefs towards health. Implementation will take place community-wide in Jackson County.

A panel of experts on diabetes shares knowledge and experiences during November 2015's Tuesdays to Thrive


The partners for this strategy include:


2017 Updates

Tuesdays to Thrive: This program was taught monthly at various locations throughout the community-- Western Carolina University and Harris Regional Hospital, etc. Topics for 2017 included Substance Abuse & Mental Health, Healthy Heart, Physical Activity, Living Well Dying Well, Savory Swaps, and Diabetes Awareness.  On average, 20 participants attended each event.

Tuesdays to Thrive participants work on physical activity at a past event

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