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What Is It?

Providing educational programs at the Jackson County Public Library was identified by the Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Action Team as an action, that when combined with other actions in our community, has a reasonable chance of making a difference in fruit and vegetable consumption as well as weight status in our community. This is a new program in our community.

The audience for this strategy are the community at large, especially those who use library services. Currently, the Jackson County Library has many programs in place (Ex: Storytime) that would marry well with a strategy such as this. Working within an existing program will prove more successful as a captive audience is already in place. This strategy aims to make a difference at the individual level-- working to increase individual's knowledge and influence over his or her attitudes and beliefs regarding healthy eating and physical activity. Implementation will take place at the Jackson County Public Library.


The partners for this strategy include:


2017 Updates

Kids Yoga & Sugar Shock Education

Action Team members visited the library to provide 2 yoga sessions for children and to teach a hands-on educational lesson on sugary beverages.

February 1st - 12 kids

February 7th - 18 kids

Children participate in a yoga class at the Jackson County Public Library

Community Gardening Educational Session

Cullowhee Community Garden Manager, Adam Bigelow, hosted a talk at the JCPL on April 27th where he spoke about different aspects of the CCG and gardening in general. 2 people attended.

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