Live Hep C Free

What We Do

Our health information and treatment access program, Live Hep C Free is run by people who have experience of living with hep C.

The program aims to meet people where they’re at, with the healthcare they need.

Previously known as Living WellLive Hep C Free is focused on giving people easier and simpler access to hep C testing, FibroScan, and treatment as well as information and support around hep C and liver health.

Our peers work in partnership with hepatitis healthcare workers to help get more people tested for hep C and more people cured. Everywhere that the Live Hep C Free program goes, so too does access to blood testing, FibroScanning, and hep C treatment.

Who We Serve

The program works with anyone in the community living with hep C including people in residential rehabs, people experiencing homelessness, people accessing methadone clinics and drug health services, people who inject drugs and people affected by the criminal justice system.

How We Impact

The Live Hep C Free program can operate in three distinct models depending on the needs of each service. All of these models are centred on being run or facilitated by our expert peer workers.

  • 4 week, structured and facilitated group model run primarily in residential rehabs. Over 4 sessions our peers work with people in residential rehabs to deliver information on hep C, empower participants, and bring hepatitis healthcare (testing, FibroScan, and treatment) on-site with a healthcare worker.
  • liver ‘blitz’ model where we offer a one-stop shop for hepatitis healthcare. Over a day or few hours, we work with healthcare workers to offer access to hep C testing, FibroScan, and treatment to people already accessing the service, be that a homelessness, drug health or other service.
  • An outreach model where peers are paired with hepatitis healthcare workers to regularly attend a particular service such as a methadone clinic or homelessness service. Our peers engage with service users about hep C and assist the healthcare worker in increasing hep C testing and treatment.

We strongly believe in making hep C testing and treatment as easy and simple as possible to access so that people have the opportunity to live healthier, to live better, and to live hep C free.

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