Swain Schools Nutrition Policy

What Is It?

Many of us in the community are working toward a healthier and happier Swain County. Together, we are trying to reduce chronic disease through our high obesity rates.  Swain County Health Department and Swain Community Hospital are working to increase quality nutrition among children in our schools. The School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) have been advocating for a new sugar policy within the schools but have been unsuccessful thus far. The Community Wellness Action Team wants to assist in passing and implementing the sugar nutrition policy in all Swain County schools, helping to work toward a healthier and happier Swain County. 

Swain Schools Nutrition Policy was identified by the Community Wellness Action Team as an action, that when combined with other actions in our community, that has a reasonable chance of making a difference in obesity as it relates to chronic disease in our community. This is a new strategy in our community.

The priority population/customers for this Swain schools nutrition policy are each of the school systems in Swain County, and the nutrition policy aims to make a difference at the individual and community level. Implementation will take place in meetings and presentations.

The strategy impacts obesity as it relates to chronic disease in the following ways:

  • Nutrition (i.e. sugar consumption) provided in the school systems among students
  • Obesity rates among children up to 18 years of age

The partners for this Swain Schools Nutrition Policy include:




Swain Community Hospital Chelsea Burrell


Swain County Schools Jennifer Brown Collaborate
Swain County Extension Office Dee Decker Support
Work Plan
Activity Resources Needed Agency/Person Responsible Target Completion Date
C-WAT members will attend SHAC meetings Organizations Support C-WAT September 3, 2019
Swain County Health Department Dietician to connect with Swain Schools Nutritionist N/A Swain County Health Department September, 2019
C-WAT members will draft a policy proposal for SHAC C-WAT members C-WAT Spring 2020
Sugar is a drug education to school system representatives C-WAT members and SHAC C-WAT Summer 2020
Present proposal to school board for approval C-WAT members and SHAC support C-WAT and SHAC Summer 2020


Evaluation & Sustainability

Evaluation Plan:

We plan to evaluate the impact of Swain Schools Nutrition Policy through the use of Results-Based AccountabilityTM to monitor specific performance measures. We will be monitoring How Much, How Well and/or Better Off Performance Measures. Our evaluation activities will be tracked in the Work Plan table, above. 


Sustainability Plan:

The following is our sustainability plan for Swain Schools Nutrition Policy: 

  • Sustainability Component 1: 
    • The Swain Schools Nutrition Policy is not being funded nor does it need to be funded. The sustainability will be the continued pursuit of the policy change until it is passed and implemented successfully. 
      • Goal for the policy change will be before the 2020-2021 academic year starts. 
Current Actual Value
Current Target Value
% Change
Oct 2019
Scorecard Result Container Indicator Measure Action Actual Value Target Value Tag S R I P PM A m/d/yy m/d/yyyy