Waco Employer Resource Network

What We Do


This network (formerly known as the Waco Foundational Employment Network) is comprised of job training programs, social services agencies, staffing agencies and local employers that collaborate to place people in full-time jobs.  This collaboration helps job seekers find jobs more quickly, provides support individuals need to maintain employment, and offers employers a central point of contact to access the services of local agencies to fill job openings and reduce turnover among entry-level employees. Email the WERN Liaison, Katy Schulz, for more information. 

Who We Serve

In July 2017, the Waco City Council approved pilot funding to Heart of Texas Goodwill and Caritas of Waco to employ two full-time WERN staff positions: a liaison and a success coach. The liaison will facilitate the network and serve as the central point of contact for employers.  The success coach's role is to work directly with employees, referred by the network partners, to provide the supports necessary to help them maintain employment.  

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How We Impact
Employers   Employees
- Give employers a single point of contact to help retain their employees
- Assist in job recruitment
- Act as a confidential source of information for assistance
- Provide support services through case management to help employee stay on the job
Success Stories
“I have been working for more than 15 years and I wanted to quit to access my retirement funds due to my son’s medical care cost. WERN’s Success Coach, Spike, referred me to a local medical program that saved me almost $600 per month. By saving that amount of money, I have a reduced financial burden and I am able to keep my job.” – local employee 
“It takes a combined effort of individuals, businesses and services to improve our community. As a business member in the Waco Community, I believe it is important to support and participate in our area programs such as WERN.  As an employer, we provide a destination for individuals who are working through the WERN partner agencies.  As an individual, I believe we need to work together to provide opportunities and create programs to support those in need.  These programs are successful when we collaborate and share our resources.” – local WERN employer 


“I have been an active WERN member since its inception and I couldn’t be more proud to see it become the vehicle to help so many people in the community. As a staffing agency, we see a diverse employee base and want to see the employees have success on the job. Their success depends on the impression they have on the employer that we place them with. When those life problems happen and we can get them in touch with the WERN Success Coach, it means the possibility for them to have a job for long period of time.  The successes I have seen in such a short period of time is a testament to the commitment of the members of WERN.” - local WERN partner agency 
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