Local Care Team Administration (Frederick County) Annual

Program Summary

Under Maryland Code (Human Services §8-407) a Local Care Team shall: 

1) be a forum for: 

    a) families of children with intensive needs to receive assistance with the identification of individual needs and potential resources to meet identified                 needs; and 

    b) interagency discussions and problem solving for individual child and family needs and systemic needs; 

2) refer children and families to: 

    a) care management entities when appropriate; and 

    b) available local and community resources; 

3) provide training and technical assistance to local agency and community partners; 

4) identify and share resource development needs and communicate with the care management entity, local core service agencies, provider networks, local management boards, and other local care teams in surrounding jurisdictions; and 

5) discuss a request for a voluntary placement agreement for a child with a developmental disability or a mental illness under § 5-525 of the Family Law Article. 

Performance Measures
Current Actual Value
Current Target Value
% Change
Story Behind the Curve


  • The LCT saw a large increase in the number of referrals compared to FY18 due primarily to more outreach efforts and awareness of the LCT.
  • There was a nominal decrease in the percentage of reviews where a parent attended, however it was slight (<3%) and the percentage is still quite high (93.5%).
  • The "percentage of cases referred for in-state residential placement alternatively served through community based services" measure did decrease compared to FY18.  In FY19, more of the cases being referred for in-state placement had significant needs beyond the scope of the resources in Frederick County to address those needs, thus in-state placement is the appropriate course of action.


Local Highlight


  • The LCT is comprised of over fifteen community organizations who volunteer their time assisting families in the Frederick County through the LCT. This past year was filled with several exciting initiatives and learning opportunities for our members. We were able to secure new membership from DORS and Lead4Life, assisting us with those youth who either have severe disabilities and/or serious and persistent mental illness; their membership on our LCT has been invaluable.

  • The new LCT Assistant was been able to provide outreach/awareness opportunities to 16 different organizations around Frederick County; this has allowed the number of referrals to the LCT to double in volume from FY18 to FY19. The majority of referrals for FY19 were for technical assistance (vs. out-of-home placement). This tells us that we capturing these families earlier in their crisis mode, and thus are able to focus more on preventative measures (i.e. community resources) to keep that child in the home, rather than looking at out-of-home placement options.

  • The LCT provided an in-service training from the University of Maryland Early Intervention Program for the LCT members. Several staff members from the UMD School of Social Work came to Frederick to discuss this program, which specializes in early identification, evaluation, and comprehensive psychiatric treatment of adolescents and youth adults at risk for early stages of mental illness or psychosis.

  • In addition, the LCT hosted its 1st Annual all-day LCT Spring Training in April 2019, offering attendees 3 CEU’s through a partnership with Fred Co Public Schools. Attendees heard from speakers on emotional wellness, emotional intelligence in client care, and an overview of EMDR therapy. With overwhelming positive feedback, planning for our second annual spring training is underway and set for May 2020.

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