Waco Power Switch

What We Do



The Waco Power Switch program gives McLennan County residents the opportunity to use Texas’ deregulated energy market to lower the rate they pay for electricity at home. The program utilizes a “group switching” model that includes voluntary registration by electricity customers, an auction by electricity providers to offer their lowest rate to the group, and the chance for each customer to accept or reject the offer. Since late 2017, there have been two rounds of Waco Power Switch. You can pre-register for the next round by clicking here. 


Who We Serve

All McLennan County households are eligible to switch except households in areas served by utility cooperatives, Brazos Electric Power Co-op, Heart of Texas Electric Co-op, Navasota Valley Electric Co-op and HILCO Electric Co-op. Participants may not be eligible to switch based on credit approval by the winning electric company.

How We Impact

To get a fair and competitive rate, Waco Power Switch forms a group together with many other residents from Greater Waco and organizes an electricity auction among electricity providers. Through group energy switching, a fair and competitive rate is secured. If you decide to switch to the winning electric provider, Waco Power Switch will do the all work for you. If you decide the offer doesn’t work for you, you can simply ignore it – there is no obligation.

Success Stories

"When I heard about the potential cost savings and knew that it applied to anyone in the area, I opted in to the group pricing.  When the bid came back at under four cents per Kwh, I pulled my current bill and found that I was paying almost 12 cents.  The new provider’s estimate said that based on my past usage I should save $536 a year.  Accepting the bid offer was extremely simple and the new provider handled the signup and cancellation of my old service.  I received an email from my previous provider acknowledging my desire to cancel and everything was done. Every time I get my bill I’m still amazed at the small amount. I can’t wait until this summer when I will be able to really see a major difference. I really think it will be more than the estimated annual savings quoted." - local Waco resident 

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