Reducing the Impact of Incarceration on Children and Families through Education and Coaching (Frederick County FY18 and beyond - Annual)

Program Summary

This program is a partnership with Mental Health Association (MHA) and Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP) to expand services to children and parents impacted by incarceration. This program will provide parenting workshops to incarcerated parents and case management and supportive services to caregivers and formerly incarcerated individuals in the community.

Target Population

Families impacted by incarceration

Performance Measures
Current Actual Value
Current Target Value
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Story Behind the Curve


  • In the Parenting from Afar course, some participants are released at different intervals depending on their sentence.   The survey is currently administered one time at the 6th session of the course, resulting in a lower proportion of responses based on whoever is in attendance at that class.
  • For the caregiver response rates the survey is administered at about the 4th visit depending on the progress of the client.  Surveys are given to the clients to be completed and filled out later.  Not all clients follow through with returning the survey in person or via mail.


  • There is difficulty in attaining full program completion with women at the detention center.  In many cases, these women leave group before the 8th session to go on to a prison, move to work release, go home, or are placed in isolation, none of which we can have control over.
  • It is also to be noted that instead of incarcerating those with substance use and addiction, there is a movement to move them to a rehabilitation center.  The program served a total of 54 women this program year. 
  • The coaching services within the program had a slower start. There was a great deal of marketing and outreach that needed to be done.
  • Staff needed hiring  (the parent coach(es)) prior to getting the program underway.  Initially the program hired two part-time coaches, one who resigned shortly thereafter.  The new coach started in January, quickly adapted to the position and service began.
  • Each facet of the program is trending in the right direction. 

This program, by design, is a collaboration between two larger entities, the Mental Health Association (MHA) and the Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP).  The program has relationships with many agencies committed to providing direct support of the program:

  • Frederick County Adult Detention Center (FCADC)
  • Frederick County YMCA Head Start program
  • Frederick County Department of Social Services
  • Frederick County Child Advocacy Center
  • National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated.  
  • Frederick County Child Advocacy Center
  • Curious Iguana

The FCADC allows RIIEC access to the detention center to facilitate Parenting from Afar.  The YMCA Head Start program provides space for the community based grief and loss course and also directly refers Head Start parents to the coaching program.  The Frederick County Child Advocacy Center will continue to support MHA in exploring the implementation of trauma awareness in their program and provide guidance on dealing with children with significant loss..  RIIEC participants also benefit from discounts and donations on books about coping with feelings, grief and loss and a variety of other issues from Curious Iguana, a local book store.

What Works


  • The Families Impacted by Incarceration Program (FIIP) and Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP) program continued collaboration in FY19, with several community partners including Headstart and the Housing Authority/Lucas Village) by providing workshops on site for residents and consumers.
  • There were also several outreach events to Parole and Probation, the States Attorney Office and the Police Activities League (PAL) Center. 
  • COIPP the subcontractor for the FIIP program hired two male staff during the 3rd quarter of FY19. Said staff completed the Detention Center mandated training. Upon completion of the training, the new staff started a “Parenting from Afar” course for incarcerated men at the Detention Center.
  • The Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership hosted many outreach events for families impacted by incarceration. The events included weekly “Coffee with COIPP,” and monthly activities for the children of incarcerated parents.
Action Plan


  • In an attempt to get more surveys from the Parenting from Afar participants, the survey will be administered to individuals who may have missed the 6th course if they are still incarcerated.
  • For the caregiver participants, the staff will attempt to get individuals to complete the survey in person.


  • Program staff will build upon the current momentum and increase enrollment in each program segment.  
  • Staff will continue to use direct marketing to receive community referrals and work with parenting group participants to gain access to the caregivers for coaching.  
  • Coaching staff will be more present in the parenting groups. This will give participants an immediate known community based resource to connect with upon release.  
  • Finally, the program will incorporate data collection for the children to determine how the quality of their lives improves over the course of participation.
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