What We Do

Since May 2016, numerous local schools, childcares, early childhood organizations and other local organizations have partnered to raise awareness about a free parenting tool called Vroom. Vroom provides daily, age-appropriate brain building activities for parents, guardians and caregivers to do with children ages 0-5. This parenting tool, developed by national leaders in early childhood development, neuroscience and parenting (with support from the Bezos Family Foundation), empowers adults to shape the foundation of learning for preschool-age children. Each activity aims to use items found in every household and each activity has a “brainy background” that helps parents understand how that specific activity is building their child’s brain. 

Who We Serve

This parenting tool is available to anyone with a smartphone through the app store.  Local agencies and organizations promote the app through parent meetings. Hard copies are available for those without access. To receive hard copies, please email Christina Helmick with the Prosper Waco team (christina@prosperwaco.org). 

How We Impact

By promoting and encouraging parents to become "brain builders," this app should increase the quality of parent-child interactions.  This app is just one tool in the school readiness toolkit that helps our children enter school ready to learn.

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Q2 2018
Q2 2018
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