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% of people reporting an increase in knowledge

94%Aug 2020

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Story Behind the Curve

This is a target that we generally and comfortably meet.


Our partners include our target audiences, health promotion workers, researchers, social researchers and marketers, health care workers interacting with our target audience. Together, we can ensure that our resources promote good reader buy-in and information exchange.

What Works

We want clients to read and remember the information content of our resources. Our resources can help establish baseline levels of information and a knowledge-base across our sector and they can help people to achieve positive changes in their lives.

It is important, therefore, that the content of our resources is interesting and engaging. We need readers to see us as reputable and evidence-based; and as non-judgemental and inclusive. We need to understand reader's issues and their lived experience so that our resources can be crafted so they resonate with them.

Working inclusively with our partners, and remaining aware of good health promotion practice helps us achieve the above.

Action Plan

Continue and expand our engagement with our partners and our communities of interest.

Build on our marketing plan to ensure that our resources are well respected and utilised.

Continue to monitor the currency of text content and design/imagery of our resources so that they provide good accessible information in a format that resonates with the readers.

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