% of people reporting an increase in knowledge from reading the website

100%Aug 2020

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Story Behind the Curve

We consistently meet this performance measure.

  • Health literacy and communication experts
  • Health researchers (especially those working in viral hepatitis clinical and social research)
  • Web design experts, including our consultants, The Defectors.
  • REEF, our web digital marketing consultants.
  • ConnectingUp: an Australian network of community-based IT workers.
What Works

Site visitors landing on our homepage or internal pages need to be immediately impressed with the website content (images and text). They need to be drawn into our pages, and they need to feel that our web information:

  • is aimed at them (speaks their language and speaks to their lived experience)
  • is reputable and current (drawn from experts)
  • corresponds to their interests.
Action Plan

We need to continue working with our partners (above) to ensure our website is a high quality and well regarded source of health information. We have also developed in-language pages so that we can cater for our Korean and Mandarin visitors.

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