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100%Jun 2019

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Q1 2019

All clients that provided feedback to our service in January,February and March, 2019 agreed that counsellor/s treated them with respect and acknowledged our counsellors' professionalism and caring attitude.

Q4 2018

In Oct-Dec, 2018 all clients that provided feedback to Counselling Service about the support they received agreed that they were / are treated with respect by the Intake Officer / Counsellor.

One client said: "My counsellor and the whole Program gave the most consistant and useful support I ever had in my life. I really appreciate the service being there for me for the whole year, and it is free. Thank you!"

Q3 2018

In this reporting period: July-Sept, 2018, all clients that have responded to Counselling Client Satisfaction Survey agreed that they were treated with respect.

Q2 2018

In April - June, 2018 period, all clients (current and past) that provided our service with verbal and / or written feedback agreed that they were treated with respect.

Q1 2018

Only one person has provided feedback in Jan, 2018 - feedback is very positive on all aspects of counselling support that was received by this client so far

Q4 2017

All clients that provided our service with feedback in Oct-Dec 2017 stated that they were treated with respect at all times by their counsellor and the intake officer/ counselling coordinator.

Q3, 2017

All clients that gave feedback about our service in July - September, 2017 agreed  that their counsellor (and the service in general) treated them with respect.

Q2, 2017

All clients that provided Let's Talk counselling service with feedback in April-June, 2017 agreed that counsellor/service has treated them with respect.

Q1, 2017

All clients that provided us with feedback in Jan-March, 2017 agreed that their counsellor (and our service in general) been treating the client with respect.

Q4 2016

100% of clients that have provided us with feedback regarding our Service in Oct-Dec 2016 stated that they were treated with respect by our counsellors and counselling supervisor / intake officer.

Q3 2016

All clients that managed to give our service feedback via Client Satisfaction Survey in this quarter answered "yes" to our question if they felt they have been treated with respect while receiving our counselling support.

Q2 2016

All clients that have provided us with their feedback stated "I feel that I am being treated with respect in this setting" referring to all aspects of their counselling relationship with Let's Talk Counselling Service.

Q1 2016

All counselling clients that provided feedback to our service in Jan-March 2016, reported being treated with respect.

We do appreciate our clients giving us this valuable feedback.

Q4, 2015

All clients that provided feedback for our service's operations in October - December, 2015, reported being satisfied with counselling and being treated with respect (information collected via call-back to clients that have finished accessing Let's Talk Counselling service in July-September) and via mid-therapy and end of therapy surveys.

Q3, 2015:

All clients providing us with feedback in July-September, 2015 reported being satisfied with the service provided by Let's Talk counselling team

Q2 2015:

- Our current clients and past clients consistently report being satisfied with our service as a result from receiving hepatitis aware, specialised counselling support through Let's Talk Counselling Service at HNSW;

- One of our clients has kindly agreed for us to use their comments on our web-site:

Question: "We can improve our counselling service by..."

Answer: "Only to just keep doing what you are doing. Without my counsellor at Let’s Talk and all HNSW’s support I’d be lost.

I would not be the confident person I am at this moment. Thank goodness for every visit / session I attend! After all those years I feel stronger, I am discovering who I really am. Thank you!”

- At Let's Talk Counselling Service we greatly appreciate all feedback that we can collect from our current and past clients, it really helps us to improve the service delivery as well as to acknowledge that we must have done a reasonable job in supporting our clients and continue delivering high quality service.

Q1 2015:

100% of client that have submitted feedback reported being satisfied with counselling support provided by Let's Talk Counselling.

Q4 2014:

100% of clients reported being satisfied by the counselling program via Client Satisfaction Survey and Client Follow Up Survey.


Let's Talk Counselling clients, volunteer counsellors

What Works

Still trying to develop a system to get the surveys back (especially from telephone clients) - intensives ($20 Coles/Mayer vouchers) started being offered to clients that provide 3 month feedback - seemed to work

Action Plan

We have initiated callbacks to our past clients to survey client's responses in regard to Let's Talk's services provided.

Continue improving ways of getting feedback form clients at middle / end stage of counselling relationship and 3 month follow up.

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