Community Mobilisation

% of people reporting an increase in knowledge about hep C treatment and hep B testing and monitoring

89%AFY 2017

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Story Behind the Curve

This outcome will next be measured in May-June 2017 to reflect the results for the 2016-17 membership year.

June 2016: The annual membership survey was conducted in July 2016 with the results for this question to be updated at the start of August.

June 2015: This outcome was first measured through our annual membership survey which concluded on 10 July 2015. The 91% result, well above our baseline, indicates the continuing value of our membership programs in supporting the needs of our members and key communities.


Our members

What Works

While we had a considerable response from our electronic survey, the distribution of a printed survey resulted in responses from a wider, more representative range of our membership. We intend to keep distributing the survey in print to ensure equity and diversity of responses.

Action Plan

Preparations for the next annual membership survey begin in March of each year.

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