Strategy 1.1: Reengagement in Education (Adult Basic Education, back to high school or HiSET attainment) and 1 more...less...

Enrollment in Post-Secondary/Workforce Training

TARGET MEASURE: Percent who received their HiSET

51.8%FY 2018

Line Bar
Story Behind the Curve

Some of the reasons the trendline may be going down:

  • GED to HiSet shift
  • The reputation that HiSet is a harder test
  • people are unaware of what the HiSet is and that the GED is not the test for the high school equivalency
  • length of time to complete may also be causing people to not enroll
  • managed enrollment and individual attitudes about school, returning to school, test taking
  • lack of understanding of the value of a high school equivalency diploma
  • large refugee community
    1. language barriers
    2. quality of teachers/consistent teachers/culturally competent
  • No longer having access to workforce/certificate programs without having diploma or equivalent
  • No or little infrastructure to help people prepare for HiSet
  • Transportation/financial assess to DMACC
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Need more support for math

Some other strategies that may change the trendline positively or negatively:

  • Partnership with DMACC
    • Increase awareness of the HiSet
    • Managed enrollment
  • Limited coverage for rural areas
  • transportation issues
  • Costs
    • may need scholarships
    • child care issues

  • Central Iowa Works to increase knowldge and appeal to employers
  • Employers to increase awareness and provide incentives or other supports like transporation
    • offer classes on site
  • DMACC-remote learning
  • Iowa Department of Refugee Services-translators for interpretation and translation
  • Local ethnic organizations-building cultural compentency training
  • DART & HIRTA for transportation-discuss options such as passes, grants, etc to make for affordable
  • Current and past students to help with identifying barriers
  • DMACC-possible on-line instruction or remote access


  • find childcare or work to barter services between non-profits
  • employers-to offer incentives to complete
  • Central Iowa Works to offer technical training after the test
What Works

Removing barriers

  • language (offer test in all languages)
  • transportation
  • childcare costs


  • What is the HiSET?
  • How would it help them?
  • How to obtain?
  • Where to obtain?

Employer Support

  • financial support to employers to offer classes on-site
  • on-site classes - employees get regular pay
  • Identify if other employers are offering on-site classes and see if there is a best practic

Research showing/supporting higher wages/income with high school equivalency diploma

Encourage the change of generational trend to finish school (specifically mothers)

Incentives for employers to offer on-site classes, tax credits? or other incentives

Front line people helping with the language barrier

Case management to assist refugees in navigating the system

Getting DMACC to offer remote classes-exception would be for the testing

Use peer to peer tutoring (no cost/low cost idea)

Workbook specific curriculum (math and computer)

Ask HiSet to give an outline or actual curriculum

Partner with Job Corps

One on One guidance thru the test

Alternative Assessments

Teach HiSet in ESL classes

transfer of foreign degrees-Upward Global

Adjusting time limit or no time limit on the test

Action Plan

Survey a pool of prospective students - ask...What are the barriers for them to getting the diploma?

Teacher training ans selection process


research what other employers are offering

communicate with others about incentives that could be offered to employers (long-term action)

Set up peer to peer tutoring with incentives for the mentor towards college credits - thru DMACC advisors or teachers (pair & share)

Test Study partner

Policy change to get time constraints lifted for testing

Research what it would take to get HiSet in all languages

Provide interpreters for registration & enrollment

Talk to ESL teachers & HiSet to do an assessment as to process, then re-evaluate in 6 months to measure if it is working

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