Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

During FY2019 what proportion of PSH program participants were enrolled in mainstream benefits at annual/exit assessment?

29%Q4 2019

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Story Behind the Curve

What does it measure?

Helping participants enroll and maintain enrollment in mainstream non-cash benefits is indicative of the level of support participants receive from permanent supportive housing programs. In Alameda County we would like to see increasing proportions of clients who are enrolled in mainstream benefits as a sign that programs are attentively supporting participants.

How does it measure?

Question 20b on the Annual Performance Report, “Number of Non-Cash Benefit Sources” provides information about the number of adults, active in permanent supportive housing during the date range, who reported being enrolled in non-cash benefits at latest annual assessment and, for leavers, at exit. The numerator in the equation is the number of adults who have one or more sources of non-cash benefits. The denominator is the total number of adults active in permanent supportive housing during the date range, minus the number of adult stayers who were not yet required to have an annual assessment.

This performance measure is reported in cumulative, quarterly reporting periods that begin October 1st and end September 30th. The target is an annual goal.

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