Transitional Housing (TH)

During FY2019 what proportion of Transitional Housing participants successfully exited the program to permanent housing?

61%Q4 2019

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Story Behind the Curve

What does it measure?

Ending homelessness means helping participants move into permanent housing. In Alameda County we strive to increase the proportion of people who are ending their homelessness by obtaining permanent housing.

How does it measure?

Question 23a&b on the Annual Performance Report, “Exit Destination – More than 90 Days,” and “Exit Destination – 90 Days or Less” provide information about the number of individuals—adults and children— active in transitional housing during the date range who exit to permanent housing destinations. Permanent housing destinations include moving into housing that is:

  • Owned by the client with or without an ongoing subsidy
  • Rented by the client with or without an ongoing subsidy
  • Permanent housing (not RRH) for formerly homeless persons
  • With family or friends, permanent tenure

The numerator in the equation is the sum of the number of individuals active in transitional housing who moved into a permanent housing situation from the table “Exit Destination – More than 90 Days” and “Exit Destination – 90 days or less.” The denominator is the sum of the total number of persons from each table minus the total persons whose destinations exclude them from the calculation. Excluded from the calculation are persons who are deceased or who exit to a foster care home or foster care group home; hospital or residential psychiatric medical facility; residential project or halfway house with no homeless criteria; and long-term care facility or nursing home.

This performance measure is reported in cumulative, quarterly reporting periods that begin October 1st and end September 30th. The target is an annual goal.

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