P006: Office of Facilities Management

P006: Percent of priority Request for Treatment clients who are admitted to the program (TLH)

59.0 %FY 2018

Story Behind the Curve
  • In 2016, New Mexico had the twelfth highest total drug overdose death rate in the nation, down from second in 2014. From 1997 through 2010, the most recent year for which state comparison data are available, New Mexico’s death rate from alcohol-related chronic disease has been the highest in the nation.
  • Turquoise Lodge Hospital (TLH) provides safety net services for consumers in New Mexico who are seeking detoxification from drugs and/or alcohol. TLH prioritizes admission for pregnant injecting drug users, pregnant substance users, other injecting drug users, women with dependent children, parenting women, and men and women seeking to regain custody of children. TLH has the potential to impact New Mexico's drug overdose and alcohol death rate through active engagement of priority populations.
  • In FY17, TLH modified their electronic call system to flag priority populations and implemented an engaging pre-scheduling telephone call that occurs within one business day of approval for treatment.  This intervention moved the timeliness of first contacting a consumer from an average of 4.96 days in FY17 Q1-2 to an average of 1.4 days in FY18.
  • To determine whether increased contact was effective in increasing engagement, TLH evaluated the historical baseline of priority individuals who were admitted: FY15: 26%, FY16: 41%, and FY17: 43%.  In FY18, we have exceeded our milestone with 59% of approved priority patients YTD admitted to the hospital.
  • The plan for FY19 Q1 is to develop a Crystal Reporting tool to link admissions data with call management data, improving our ability to monitor the engagement intervention.
  • Human Services Department, Behavioral Health Services Division
  • Children, Youth and Families Department
  • University of New Mexico Addiction and Substance Abuse (ASAP) Program
  • Medicaid
  • State and Federal probation officers
  • Managed care organizations
  • NMDOH Facilities Management Division
  • Bernalillo County
  • Endorphin Power Company (EPC)
What Works
  • Actively engage with and support individuals to enter treatment by increasing the number of informative contacts to the person requesting treatment.
  • Studies have shown that rapid response and assignment to treatment, including cutting down the time between application for treatment and first contact, can significantly improve retention (Baekeland and Lundwall 1975; Leigh et al. 1984; Stark et al. 1990).
  • Establish and maintain a stable process to ensure meeting our goal of 50%. 
  • Monitor admissions data to investigate compliance and take necessary steps to ensure the goal is continuously met.  
Action Plan
  • Q1: Monitor the pre-scheduling intervention implemented in FY17 to ensure that one informative telephone scheduling contact is made within one day of approval for treatment for priority populations. Completed.
  • Q1: Monitor the outcome of the pre-scheduling call intervention on a monthly basis to ensure that increased engagement has occurred. Completed.
  • Q3: Develop a Crystal Reporting tool to link admissions data with call management data. Not completed.
  • Q3-Q4: Implement action as necessary based on monitoring from Q1 and Q2. Completed
FY18 Annual Progress Summary
  • In FY17, the percent of priority Request for Treatment clients who are admitted to the program  was 43.0%. This annual result did not meet the 50% target. TLH initiated increased monitoring and performance improvement to meet this goal in FY18.
  • In FY18, the Percent of priority Request for Treatment clients who are admitted to the program was 59%. This result is well above our goal of 50%.
  • TLH does not anticipate any barriers to completing this goal in FY19.
  • We have identified this Goal as a stable process and will continue to monitor and implement change as necessary.
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