P007: Developmental Disabilities Supports Division

P007: Number of individuals receiving developmental disabilities waiver services

4,618#FY 2018

Story Behind the Curve
  • Every state in the nation has the option to provide home and community‐based services with approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ﴾CMS﴿. Nationwide, over 44 states, and the District of Columbia, provide home and community‐based Medicaid waiver services to people with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities ﴾I/DD﴿.
  • The Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver program serves as an alternative to institutional care. The DD Waiver program provides a variety of services for people with I/DD to support them in living independently and participating actively in their communities.
  • In FY18 Q4, 4,618 persons were receiving DD Waiver services.
  • The NMDOH Developmental Disabilities Supports Division's (DDSD’s) ability to allocate people into waiver services is impacted by available budget. The 2018 legislative session allocated $2 million which will be used for approximately 80 allocations in FY19.
  • Out of the 39 new allocations carried over from 2016, 38 individuals are now in service, leaving one person still in the allocation process. The Intake and Eligibility Bureau has developed an allocation plan and is preparing for the FY19 allocations.
  • Human Services Department's ﴾HSD's﴿ Medical Assistance Division ﴾MAD﴿
  • HSD's Income Support Division ﴾ISD﴿
  • University of New Mexico Center for Development and Disability ﴾CDD﴿
  • Qualis, Third Party Assessor ﴾TPA﴿
  • Health care and community providers
  • Case management agencies
  • Parent and advocacy support groups
What Works
  • Identifying issues with the annual recertification process, annual Level of Care process and budget approval and review process to ensure the uninterrupted receipt of services.
  • Increasing community awareness of services for individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Improving case management agencies' service capacity to provide information regarding different types of available services.
  • Working with and using HSDs 1915C client tracker report to prevent category of eligibility closures.
  • Allocation fairs were held in every region for the FY19 allocation batch to provide education and assistance with the allocation process.  Additionally, the IEB met one-on-one with people who could not attend allocation meetings.
  • Monitor allocation process to ensure people receive DD Waiver services timely as allocation slots become available.

Action Plan
  • Q1: DDSD and HSD will analyze utilization and expenditure data to determine if funding allows for attrition and regular new allocations. Continuing through Q4. Completed.
  • Q2: Get the last  new allocation into services in FY18. Work with case management and consultant agencies to assist the last  new allocation into services in FY18. Continuing through Q4. Incomplete.
  • Q3: Use completed cost analysis to formulate policies and procedures addressing cost differentials and increases between services for both DD Waiver and Mi Via Waiver participants. On-going.
  • Q4: HSD and DDSD will continue to monitor service utilization, expenditures, and attrition to determine if DDSD can allocate any new people into services with existing resources. On-going.
FY18 Annual Progress Summary

Community Programs Bureau Accomplishments FY 18

  • Community Programs Bureau representatives, Christina Hill and Jen Rodriguez, presented at the NM Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC) 2018 Statewide Summit on Advocacy and the Parents Reaching Out Annual NM Family Leadership Conference on the revised Developmental Disabilities Waiver Service Standards.
  • The Rate Study Evaluation Committee reviewed proposals and selected a vendor to complete the 2018-2019 comprehensive rate study for the Developmental Disabilities, Mi Via and Medically Fragile Waivers.
  • Mi Via Unit is fully staffed with three new Mi Via Coordinators and a new Mi Via Program Manager.
  • Mi Via proposed rule change- public comment period closed June 29th.
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