Strategy 2.2: Provide quality and engaging out-of-school opportunities for elementary students that reinforce and enhance academic & social/emotional learning

TARGET MEASURE: Percent of students missing 18 days or more a year

0.1%FY 2020

Line Bar Comparison
Story Behind the Curve
What is the STORY BEHIND THE DATA? – Relating to the data (Maximum of 8,000 characters w/ spaces)
15 Describe positive and negative influences that have affected the Target Measure / success of the program.  
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16 Describe what has been learned from the program’s data.  
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17 Describe how the learnings from the data have informed program practice.  
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18 Describe progress on the current year’s (7/1/19 – 6/30/20) action plan.  
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19 Describe the research and best practices used to guide your work.  
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Who are the PARTNERS who have a role to play in the Story Behind the Data? (Maximum of 3,500 characters w/ spaces)
20 Aside from UWCI, describe the 3-5 most impactful partnerships and/or collaborations that help the program create a greater impact. (Funders, programs, coalitions, etc.)  
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21 List and describe leveraged resources for the funded program, including volunteer hours, match dollars and/or other funding sources.  
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What Works
WHAT COULD WORK to improve your outcomes? (What enhancements could be made, based on experience or research?) (Maximum of 5,000 characters w/ spaces)
22 If anything were possible, what 1-4 new ideas could improve your program outcomes? (Innovative program strategies, potential new partnerships, low cost/ no cost, etc.)   
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23 What might keep you from implementing the ideas in #22?  
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Action Plan
What is the ACTION PLAN to turn the data? (Maximum of 4,000 characters w/ spaces)
24 a. Describe your action plan to get better results in the coming year (7/1/20 – 6/30/21). Include timeline & itemized budget needed to fulfill the plan.
b. If requesting additional funding, explain how it will be used / what will be done differently.
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