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# of people engaged with who accessed hep C screening (e.g. hep C test, FibroScan)

116Q4 2019

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Story Behind the Curve

Q3 2017: The follow-up data from this quarter shows how the program is working to enable easier and quicker access to hep C testing for people accessing homelessness services and people in residential rehabs. The model of bringing testing and FibroScans, as well as treatment, to people where they're at is proving very effective. 

Q2 2017:Data from this quarter shows that the program is proving effecting at enabling much easier access to hep C testing. Participants are enthusiastic about testing when barriers such as time, distance, potential stigma, and navigating the health system are removed.

Q1 2017: Thanks to the outreach of St George Hospital and the support of the residential rehab, we were able to offer blood testing and FibroScans on-site for all participants of the Living Well program, which was enthusiastically taken up.

Q4 2016: As no courses were run in the previous, there is no follow-up data to be collected in this quarter.

Q3 2016: There are no results for this measure as many participants had no contact details to offer or chose not to offer them. Those who did were unreachable when attempting to evaluate this measure.

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