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3,546Aug 2017

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Story Behind the Curve

June 2017: [NB Completed at end of May] Facebook and twitter engagement continues to grow steadily, with increased likes/follows as well as expanded hep B-related posting. Membership renewal and membership survey to take place during June 2017, with figures to be revised after those processes are completed.

March 2017: Hepatitis NSW continues to record steady growth in social media engagement with rises in both Facebook and twitter, as well as increased new memberships (although note that there may still be some exclusions of out of date membership before the end of the Financial Year).

December 2016: While Facebook likes and Twitter followers continued to gradually increase over the quarter, Membership numbers were slightly down, as records were updated (and out of date memberships removed) in the lead-up to and following the AGM in late November. Social media engagement was also up over the quarter, as a result of the B in the Know campaign, promoting hepatitis B testing, including to priority populations such as Mandarin and Korean speakers.

September 2016: This is a new measure, incorporating formal membership, Facebook likes and Twitter followers. This reflects the fact that engagement with the community incorporates a range of different strategies - over the following 12 months Hepatitis NSW will be aiming for growth in all three.

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