LBS - Improving Māori Input into Local Board Decision-Making

% Mana Whenua surveyed who are participating in Governance activities of any type, any where


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Story Behind the Curve

This performance measure can include but is not confined to, Iwi Trusteeship, School Board Trusteeship, local neighbourhood committee membership, PTA , Local Government committees, Government committees, Union committee member etc. Participation is not confined to just occurring within the rohe.

The group believes

  • Participation is weighted towards sports type governance groups
  • Young people/graduates coming through


  • Capacity – never enough Mana Whenua to attend all the different engagements
  • Lack of resources for some iwi to be represented
  • Challenging position – impact on personal level, so only certain type of people would be able to take on the responsibility
  • Staying true to kaupapa
  • People don’t recognise themselves within these entities
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