LBS - Improving Māori Input into Local Board Decision-Making

% Mana Whenua members surveyed who say they know who the Local Board members are in their area


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Story Behind the Curve

2013 and 2016 What's helping

  • The local board elections enable an improvement with more information about the candidates and LB activities being available
  • Higher levels of community consultation and engagement is undertaken for local board planning
  • Increased number of community events
  • Maori presence on some Boards (particularly previous Papakura Board Chair

2015-2016 What's helping

  • Youth raising awareness with the Youth Advisory Board
  • Te Waka Angamua
  • Strong focus on growing Matariki festival


  • Complacency
  • Need to renew/rebuild relationships when there is change in governance/lost relationships (e.g. when kaumatua and kuia pass away)
  • Council policy and legislative changes
  • Council restructuring
  • Low levels of willingness to engage by some Local Boards
  • Communication limitations

Thoughts for improvement:

  • Up to each board to ensure continuity through commitment, up to each board to influence their budget
  • Board has a responsibility and obligation to see the work through that has been set by the previous board
  • Sustainability – should be one of the outcomes, structure to be set up to

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