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21Aug 2020

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Story Behind the Curve

This is a target that we generally and comfortably meet.


Reader survey feedback campaigns are our best tool/partner.

SurveyMonkey is a key partner in facilitating the actual surveying.

The healthcare workers and agencies who distribute our resources are key partners in promoting the benefits of surveying to our resources readership.

What Works

We have proven that specific targeted reader survey campaigns work well. With these campaigns, we link survey responses to giveaway prizes (immediate rewards), including beauty and bathroom products, and we highlight the chance for people to win the $100 readership prize.

Additionally, it is important to communicate to readers the importance and relevance of the surveying, and also highlight the changes that occur as a result of their feedback. The challenge is to also make the surveys as short and easy as possible.

Action Plan

Promote the surveys to readers via posters at agency outlets. Update the posters on a regular basis so they promote recent changes, resulting from reader's feedback.

Plan and run regular reader survey campaigns in selected outlets (if required).

Inform our community about prize winners, and about updates/amendments that we make to our resources on the basis of reader feedback.

Amend the survey forms to be as short and simple as possible.

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