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4HY2 2021

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Q4 2019:

We currently have one African, one Chinese and two Korean hep B speakers trained and engaged in the HBV speaker program.

Q3 2019:

The number of trained HBV speakers remains at 4.

Q2 2019:

The current number of trained HBV speakers remains at 4 for this quarter. In July 2019 we started running a recruitment campaign, via social media and at community events, predicting an increase in HBV trained speakers in early August 2019.

Q1 2019:

We are maintaining the number of trained 4 HBV speakers at 4 for this quarter.

Q4 2018:

In the final quarter of 2018 the trained HBV speakers remains at 4.

Q3 2018:

HNSW's currently trained HBV speakers remains at 4 people.

Q2 2018:

In the second quarter 4 HBV trained speakers are actively involved in delivering speaker presentations to the community and workforce. 

Q1 2018:

This quarter all 5 HBV speakers were trained and the numbers remain at 5 speakers for this program.

Q4 2017:

In the final quarter of 2017 the number of chronic hep B speakers recruited and trained stands at 5. 

Q3 2017:

In this quarter we have recruited two more HBV speakers, bringing the total to 5. 

Q2 2017:

Three HBV speakers are trained and deliver speaker sessions in 2017

Q1 2017:

Two HBV speakers were trained on the 2nd April 2017 with further candidates expected to participate in the speaker program after a fast-track training session planned for May/June 2017.

Q4 2016:

The number of HBV speakers remains at 2 for the final quarter of 2016. Working in collaboration with the Korean and Chinese Hep B Community education projects we will be engaging with people living with hep B in the first quarter of 2017.

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