DS Crisis

DS - DS Crisis: # of Crisis Stabilized Resulting in Placement Staying in the Current Home


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Story Behind the Curve

· Over the last year, the DS Crisis team has strived to support those in their living arrangements and provide resources and skills to increase stability to foster and strengthen the supports that are already in place.

· The team has worked to proactively support tenuous situations before they turn into a “crisis”, in order to avoid unresolvable conflict.

· By maintaining permanent housing options, the consumers’ needs are most likely to be met by a trained team who is familiar with the necessities of care. Sustainable, stable placements in family style homes support the inclusion of all people within the community in a welcoming, encouraging fashion. The DS Crisis teams devotion to this model encourages the outreach from those in need of supports.

· The team provides face-to-face support of both the consumer and the home provider in order to promote satisfactory resolution for everyone.




  • Saint Albans City Police

  • Vermont State Police

  • Behavioral Health Crisis Team
What Works
  • Increased trainings for the team in conflict resolution

  • Proactive supports

  • Wrap around, flexible supports

Action Plan
  • The team is continuing to build additional supports to ensure optimal resolution to situations that jeopardize home placement

  • Training opportunities are increasing for home providers, to help promote educated, supportive environments
How We Impact
  • Access to healthcare services
  • Resources to meet daily needs
  • Support for chronic health conditions
  • Public safety
  • Economic support
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Mental health
  • Social support
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