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Vermonters with disabilities and elders live with dignity and in settings they prefer

Vermont Senior Health Ranking (United Health Foundation)


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Story Behind the Curve

Summary from 2019 report:


  • Low percentage of ICU use

  • High percentage of home-delivered meals

  • High prevalence of high health status

  • High prevalence of falls

  • Low percentage of hospice care use

  • Low percentage of diabetes management


  • In the past year, smoking increased 16% from 7.0% to 8.1% of adults aged 65+

  • In the past three years, four- or five-star rated nursing home beds increased 16% from 43.3% to 50.2% of certified nursing home beds

  • In the past five years, home-delivered meals increased 29% from 26.7% to 34.5% of adults aged 60+ with independent-living difficulty

  • In the past six years, low-care nursing home residents increased 63% from 6.5% to 10.5% of residents

  • In the past two years, home health care workers decreased 12% from 172.3 to 151.8 aides per 1,000 adults aged 75+

  • In the past five years, early deaths decreased 6% from 1,708 to 1,605 deaths per 100,000 adults aged 65-74

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Notes on Methodology

America’s Health Rankings® Senior Reports were built upon the World Health Organization definition of health:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Our model reflects that determinants of health directly influence health outcomes, with determinants accounting for three-quarters and outcomes accounting for one-quarter of each state’s overall score and ranking. Four categories of determinants are included in the model of health: Behaviors, Community & Environment, Policy, and Clinical Care.

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