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Improve access to health care for Vermont's older adults

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% of adults age 65 and older who visited a doctor in the last year for routine care


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Story Behind the Curve

Last updated April 24, 2017

By: State Office of Rural Health & Primary Care


Seven in ten of all Vermont adults reported having a routine checkup in 2015. Routine care is defined as a general physical exam, not an exam for a specific injury, illness, or condition. Women routinely get this type of checkup more than men.

Adults 65 and older get routine checkups at significantly higher rates than all other age groups, around 85% in the past several years. Adults 45-64 also are more likely to routinely visit their doctor than those 25 to 44.

What Works

Having health insurance coverage increases the likelihood that people will see a healthcare provider on a regular basis. Most Vermonters age 65 and older are insured by Medicare B, that covers Preventive Care Services like flu shots, regular exams, and early detection for most diseases, and Medically Necessary Services or supplies that are needed to diagnose or treat most medical conditions. Most of these preventive services are free to patients from eligible health care providers. Accessing these types of services each year help older Vermonters stay healthy and avoid costly medical care in the future.

Medicare Part A covers ongoing health care services provided in hospitals, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, home health services and hospice.


Similar to statewide efforts, local partners are using data to drive local strategy. For regional data on older adult indicators, check out our Public Health Data Explorer.

Why Is This Important?

This indicator is part of Healthy Vermonters 2020 (the State Health Assessment) that documents the health status of Vermonters at the start of the decade and the population health indicators and goals that will guide the work of public health through 2020. Click here for more information.

Act 186 was passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2014 to quantify how well State government is working to achieve the population-level outcomes the Legislature sets for Vermont’s quality of life. It will assist the Legislature in determining how best to invest taxpayer dollars. The Vermont Department of Health and the Agency of Human Services report this information annually. Click here for more information.

Notes on Methodology

Data is updated as it becomes available and timing may vary by data source. For more information about this indicator, click here.

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