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Accredited Family Childcare Providers


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Story Behind the Curve

The Town of Southington does not currently have any family childcare providers that are accredited despite currently having 30 family childcare options available to families. This number is on the decline from over 300 in the 1970s to 36 in 2014 to 30 in 2018.

Quality early childhood care and education programs have been found to enhance cognitive, emotional, and social development, especially among preschoolers from low-income families. Participation in such programs can lead to better kindergarten achievement, lower rates of grade retention and special education placement as well as high rates of high school graduation.

Children who do NOT receive a high quality, early childhood education are more likely to:

Drop out of school -- 25%

Become a teen parent -- 40%

Be placed in special education -- 50%

Never attend college -- 60%

Arrested for a violent crime -- 70%

Two key components of effective early childhood programs are:

  • Parent Involvement
  • Quality in Service Delivery (as defined by staff-child ratios, group size, and caregiver education/training, continuity and compensation)

A widely recognized standard of quality for home childcare programs is accreditation by the National Association of Family Child Care.(NAFCC).

Achieving accreditation has not appeared to be a high priority for Southington home daycare providers. The cost is high and there is no obvious gain, financial or otherwise. The ECCS recommends that providers be surveyed to determine if they would pursue accreditation if scholarship funds were available and the programs required for accreditation were brought to them.

Currently, there are no NAFCC accredited home daycare providers in Southington, Plantsville or Marion. In fact, there are only two NAFCC accredited providers in the entire State of CT.

What Works

National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC)


Establish and train teams to reach out to all community members to communicate the importance of early childhood education.

Develop supports for preschool programs with a focus on home care providers.

Develop (advertising) campaign to communicate the importance of early childhood education.

Implement the Center for Disease Control's Let's Move Child Care Program -- guidelines on how to achieve this are posted on their website and the program is free to all home daycare providers across the country.

Offer an opportunity to obtain NAFCC accreditation for 5 home daycare providers in Southington. The process for obtaining accreditation from the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC) is outlined here. These recommendations are set forth by the NAFCC. This accreditation would be applicable to interested home daycare providers in Southington, Plantsville and Milldale.

1) Gather interest from local providers (Southington Daycare Providers Association -- SDPA).

2) The ECCS is sending Michelle Slimak to the Train the Trainer workshop at the NAFCC conference in July 2014. Michelle will offer the 8 hour training at no cost to the providers in Southington, date TBD, most likely August or September of 2014.

3) Distribute applications to apply for accreditation to any interested SDPA or ECCS members.

4) Offer monthly support and information meetings for those going through the process so they can have help if needed and can stay on track to complete the process as the entire accreditation process takes about one year to complete.

5) Offer scholarships to those who are interested in seeking the accreditation – the cost is $1000 per provider.

6) Identify a program manager to supervise the application process for the local providers and have them added to listserve on the NAFCC website.

7) Track info about who is going through accreditation, so the ECCS can share that info with future groups and funders.

8 )Be in touch with other state reps who can serve as program manager resources (a close contact for CT is the rep from VT)

9) If CT is going to go forward with a QRIS, the ECCS should ensure that accreditation is a viable option to quality rating. For example, in WI it is worth 4 stars, with appropriate education...5 stars (out of 5) is the highest that one can be rated.

10) The ECCS suggests gathering the following data:

Provider fees before/after accreditation

Town, county of provider

Curriculum used before/after accreditation

Changes in programming due to accreditation

% of open spots before/after accreditation

11) Since there are only two NAFCC accredited providers in the entire State of CT, make Southington a leader and model for other communities who might be considering this level of high quality home daycare accreditation.

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