All Southington Children Have Their Early Care and Education Needs Met

Accredited Early Childhood Centers and Nursery Schools


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There are two accredited childcare centers in the town of Southington -- Margaret Griffin (located at Derynoski Elementary School) and Penny's Playground. In the State of Connecticut, there are 460 accredited child care centers.

Quality early childhood care and education programs have been found to enhance cognitive, emotional, and social development, especially among preschoolers from low-income families. Participation in such programs can lead to better kindergarten achievement, lower rates of grade retention and special education placement as well as high rates of high school graduation.

Children who do NOT receive a high quality, early childhood education are more likely to:

Drop out of school -- 25%

Become a teen parent -- 40%

Be placed in special education -- 50%

Never attend college -- 60%

Arrested for a violent crime -- 70%

Two key components of effective early childhood programs are:

  • Parent Involvement
  • Quality in Service Delivery (as defined by staff-child ratios, group size, and caregiver education/training, continuity and compensation)

A widely recognized standard of quality for center-based childcare programs is accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The ECCS will investigate the reasons behind why other center based child care facilities in the community have not sought to obtain this level of accreditation and encourage them to consider seeking it.


CT Charts A Course offers scholarships/funding in collaboration with the CT State Department of Education for NAEYC accreditation.

Email correspondence:

Hello Michelle,

Michelle, the Office of Early Childhood's Accreditation Facilitation Project (AFP), in partnership with the State Department of Education, has previously awarded funds covering NAEYC Accreditation to eligible center and school-based programs serving children with identified special needs. The programs must apply and document their collaborative work with the school system to support the IEP. Today there are no funds targeting NAFCC Accreditation. However, I have copied Deb Flis on this email. Deb coordinates accreditation and program improvement initiatives, and may be able to shed more light on this for you, Michelle.

Thank you for your hard work to support children!


Margaret L Gustafson

Education Consultant

Connecticut Office of Early Childhood – Division of Early Care and Education

Connecticut Charts-A-Course: Program Leadership and Registry Development

165 Capitol Avenue, Room G35

Hartford, CT 06106

(860) 713-6983 direct

(800) 832-7784 x6 toll free

(860) 713-7040 fax


Establish and train teams to reach out to all community members to communicate the importance of early childhood education.

Develop supports for preschool programs with a focus on home care providers.

Develop (advertising) campaign to communicate the importance of early childhood education.

Southington should gauge interest from centers and nursery schools to see if funding is the reason behind lack of NAEYC accreditation. If so, offering scholarships and assistance to complete applications and bring centers and nursery schools up to par should be offered.

The cost of accreditation from NAEYC varies depending on the number of children in the center. has more detailed information.

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