All Southington Children Have Their Early Care and Education Needs Met

KEI Scores, First Quartile


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Story Behind the Curve

The Fall KEI information has no reflection on the public school system, and instead shows areas that need improvement in the early childhood years.

The Kindergarten Entrance Inventory is an assessment done by the Kindergarten teachers in the fall. The assessment is subjective, and measures six areas: Creative/Aesthetic, Personal/Social, Physical/Motor, Language, Literacy, and Numeracy.

Students get a rating of 1-3 in each area, based on whether they are demonstrating emerging skills, inconsistently demonstrating skills, or consistently demonstrating skills


3-3 Leadership Team

Outreach Team


Southington Elementary Schools (including specifically identified personnel)

Southington Public Schools Technology Staff

What Works

Establish and train teams to reach out to all community members to communicate the importance of early childhood education.

Develop supports for preschool programs with a focus on home care providers.

Develop (advertising) campaign to communicate the importance of early childhood education.

Provide families with proactive communication about expectations for kindergarten.

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