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Quality early childcare care and education programs have been found to enhance cognitive, emotional and social development, especially among preschoolers from low income families. Participation in such programs can lead to better kindergarten achievement, lower rates of grade retention and special education placement, and higher rates of high school graduation. Southington considers it's high school graduation rates to be high, especially considering that the town has the second largest public high school in the state of CT, with an enrollment of approximately 2000 students.

In addition, Southington Public Schools offer an ALTA program for high school students. The Southington Alternative Program serves students in grades 9-12 from Southington High School and surrounding districts on a tuition basis who have not been successful in a traditional high school setting. Alta is housed in a separate facility but is directly linked to Southington High School and is part of the Southington Public Schools System. Alta is a "school of choice," and students are accepted only after they complete a two-day observation. Alta administration, in conjunction with the Southington High School administration, reserves the right not to accept a prospective candidate if it's determined that Alta would not best serve the educational needs of the student.

The instructional philosophy at Alta is based on challenging students to think independently, problem solve, write with purpose, and understand that literacy is a necessary skill to be successful in all facets of life. Our curriculum is aligned with Southington High School and stresses differentiated instruction and cooperative learning across all content areas. Alta offers grade level courses in English, math, social studies, science, art, music, life learning, and health and physical education. Alta offers school counseling and has full-time Special Education support. Alta is staffed by highly-qualified, highly-motivated teachers and has a full time Principal/Director on site.

Students who graduate from Alta receive a Southington High School diploma after meeting all district and state requirements. In 2013, nine seniors graduated and participated in commencement ceremonies.

Alta faculty and students consistently practice and model mutual respect, acceptance, and a true sense of pride. Alta is a unique, challenging, invigorating learning institution.

In addition, it is worth noting with this indicator that children who do NOT receive a high quality, early childhood education are more likely to:

Drop out of school -- 25%

Become a teen parent -- 40%

Be placed in special education -- 50%

Never attend college -- 60%

Arrested for a violent crime -- 70%


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What Works

With regard to early education, for every $1 spent on early childhood education, the return on investment is $7. As time passes and children get older, that investment diminishes. If you wait for children to reach school age, or become young adults, the rate of return on invested funds becomes much lower.

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