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VHIE Stakeholders have a variety of data needs. One of our CY20 goals is enhancing connectivity and allowing for the management of new data types (beyond clinical data) by instituting end-to-end infrastructure that supports development of policies/processes, sustainable financing and technical development, and research and analytic needs.


Last updated: 02/27/2020


In 2019, the Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) was presented with the need to fund the purchase of new tools for several organizations. Seeing an opportunity to collaborate and realize savings, DVHA conceptualized the Collaborative Services Project (CSP). The intention of this project is to take an innovative approach to the exchange of healthcare information, providing service as efficiently and effectively as possible, while maintaining the highest-level of patient privacy. In 2020, DVHA memorialized the CSP in a contract with the Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL), the operator of Vermont’s Health Information Exchange. This contract now represents the development of a number of services that previously lived in other service agreements, resulting in overall savings and the same, or improved health data services.


VITL has proposed a technical solution that offers shared infrastructure (Master Patient Index, Terminology Services, Integration Engine, Data Storage via a Data Platform) to meet the needs of all consumers of health data. 


Also HIE Program is currently reviewing the VHIE Connectivity Goals for CY20 with the leadership; this will subsequently be presented to the HIE Steering committee.

•This plan involves integrating new data types (42 CFR Part 2, Claims, Social Determinants of Health) in addition to the clinical data along with creating and/or updating the “Connectivity Criteria”.

•Once approved by the HIE Steering Committee, this plan will form the basis of the prioritization of all interface connections for the VHIE.

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