Long Term Care (LTC) Unit

Total # of LTC applications in process

563Sep 2020

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  • LTC Applicant
  • Family members of applicant
  • Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living (DAIL) staff
  • DVHA Staff Attorney for LTC
  • Area Agencies on Aging case managers
Story Behind the Curve

There appears to be a trend that when the total applications in process increase, the LTC team slips in one or more of our other KPI’s.  In other words , as applications in process goes up, some other KPI often loses ground: either number of APPLs processed goes down, and/or applications processed within 45 days goes down; and/or percentage of interviews completed within 10 days goes down.  So, there’s an inverse relationship although not perfectly proportionate in the percentage of change.  This makes sense since the more applications in process directly increased work burden for LTC staff.  That is, higher numbers of new applications results in more client interviews, more notices being composed and mailed, more verification documents received and analyzed, more incoming and outgoing phone calls or EMAILs, etc.


Due to updated information from LTC staff about the April LTC application processing, the final summary report for April compiled on May 8 is slightly higher than what was reported about April on May 1.  (On May 1, LTC reported 316 LTC applications processed and 692 applications in process.)

Last updated:  10/15/2020

  • LTC cannot control the number of applications completed and submitted by Vermonters.  However, the LTC Management Team does monitor all LTC workload and is continuously developing strategies for improvement in business processes, compliance with rules and increased efficiencies.
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