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# of ergonomic assessments completed

0Sep 2020

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Notes on Methodology

We track this performance measure to monitor and understand what the department is spending on ergonomic assessments monthly. 

  • State ergonomic assessment contracted vendor
  • Commodity vendor
  • DVHA staff
  • DVHA managers
Story Behind the Curve

Ergonomic assessments occur when an employee notifies us of a discomfort or an injury or if we have a move of workstations or buildings. The employee provides us with the details of any injury or discomfort and the Operations Unit shares this information with the contracted vendor. The vendor visits the employee’s location and recommends employees work station heights and recommend equipment. The Operations Unit then works with the vendors to achieve the recommendations of the assessment.

Depending on the amount of moves internally and externally and the amount of staff turnover DVHA has, this will affect the count and the amount we spend on these assessments. We will move approximately 120 staff in to the Weeks building in February with sit/stand work stations. We would expect to see a drop in the assessment being requested because of this. 

Last updated:  10/15/2020


Our strategy of this monitoring is to have a better understanding of the cost. Our goal is to provide the employees with what is needed to make their workstations comfortable.

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